Three Deathly Sonnets

Instrumentation: SATB Chorus

Date Completed: January 2016

Movements:  I. Sonnet 71

                    II. Sonnet 72

                    III. Sonnet 73




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Three Deathly Sonnets Mov. 1 - Jason Brauer
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Three Deathly Sonnets Mov. 2 - Jason Brauer
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Three Deathly Sonnets Mov. 3 - Jason Brauer
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Notes: I wrote this piece to use in my application for the Interlochen Arts Camp in Michigan.  It uses dark, dissonant harmonies and a slow tempo to create a Renaissance-esque feel.  All sonnets used cover the subjects of death, mortality, and love.  Since the Finale MIDI rendition of the piece didn't capture any dissonance, I felt the need to provide a better recording for my audition.  In the recordings above, I sang every part except for the basses, for which I enlisted the help of my father. Keep in mind that these are by no means professional recordings.  Now, unfortunately, they capture a little too much dissonance... enjoy!

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