Theme and Modulations

Instrumentation: Flute, Clarinet, Violin, and Cello

Date Completed: July 2016

Performed by: 

Sebastian Brea, Flute 

Daniel Solowey, Clarinet

Macenna Hansen, Violin

Anna Seppa, Cello





Var. 1: Waltz

Var. 2: Scherzo

Var. 3: Exposition of a Fugue

Var. 4: Serenade


Theme and Modulations (excerpts) - Jason Brauer
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Notes: "Theme and Modulations" stemmed from Interlochen's 20th Century Music class, where I was exposed to Ives and Stravinsky's use of bitonality.  Throughout the piece, the instruments are constantly playing in different keys. The piece encompasses five movements (the theme and four variations.)

"Theme and Modulations" was performed by a few of my friends at Interlochen's second composer's forum: Sebatian Brea, flute; Daniel Solowey, clarinet; Macenna Hansen, violin (a fellow compsoer); and Anna Seppa, cello.

Copyright ©April 2018 by Jason Brauer.