Surviving by Firelight

Instrumentation: Piano Trio (piano, violin, & cello)

Date Completed: September 2014

Awards: Winner of Music Teacher's National Association Composition Contest (Pennsylvania)- Junior Division

             Winner of RMTA Composition Contest - Junior Division




Surviving by Firelight - Jason Brauer
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Notes: The first ideas for this piece's middle section came to me while watching a sepia silent film called "Broken Blossoms" about the gritty inner city of London and child abuse.  Charming.  The score enticed me, however; as the figures huddled around a fireplace, rich, dark, string parts accented the flickers of the old film.  Later, I paired it with a more hopeful melody and created "Surviving by Firelight." It was originally written in B major, but I changed the key to C major to make the string parts easier. A year later, I changed the key to A major to preserve the richness of a sharp key while (hopefully) not making it too difficult.

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