Spoon River Anthology

Instrumentation: Piano Solo

Date Completed: March 2014

Movements: I. Cathedral (The Hill)

                   II. Minerva Jones

                   III. Mary McNeely

                   IV. Lucinda Matlock

                   V. The Unknown

                   VI. Jenny M'Grew




View Score for Movements 1-4

Notes: I wrote this collection of six short (and I mean really short) pieces for a local teacher putting together a play/poetry recitation of Edgar Lee Masters' Spoon River Anthology.  She asked me for a brief soundtrack, and so I scribbled up these understated, forlorn melodies. Each "movement" (1-2 minutes long) corresponds with one poem.  Unfortunately, the play was cancelled, but the music was not.

Copyright ©April 2018 by Jason Brauer.